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The Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, Inc. located on 86 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds in the southwest region of Miami, offers the best of fair traditions with cosmopolitan flair. Due to the largely Hispanic market, The Youth Fair offers diversity in its entertainment, midways and concessions. With attendance of nearly 600,000 the 21-day family-oriented event attracts all age groups.

The Youth Fair has underground utilities and 200 acres of free public parking. All public walkways are paved and free of ground wires and cables. Food, games, service, attraction and outdoor commercial exhibit vendors need only arrive with their stands at the assigned location and hook up, with most sites readily accessible via service roads for daily deliveries. Stands are positioned along tree-lined outdoor malls with plenty of picnic tables and bench seating.

The Youth Fair has one of the highest per capita spending records of any fair in the country and is considered one of the industry's favorite destinations. There is easy access to grocery stores, drug stores, cleaners, doctors and hospitals. Attractive and affordable campsites, including water and sewer hook-ups are available on-site, as well as clean laundry and shower facilities.

Outdoor Concessions Space

For more information on outdoor concessions space, please contact:

Patty Dee
Director of Concessions
P: 786-315-5124

to apply to be a vendor at The Youth Fair

to download the 2018 Participant's Manual


There are two exhibition halls at The Youth Fair: Arnold Hall (78,000 sq. ft.) houses student exhibits, the Community Stage, Sedano's Kitchen as well as business exhibitor booths. The MarketPlace at Edwards Hall (36,000 sq. ft.) fully renovated, houses business exhibitor booths and will be featuring a unique attraction.

All indoor facilities are air-conditioned.

For more information on indoor business exhibitor space, please contact:

Sylvia Cruz-Alvarez
Concessions Administrator
P: 786-315-5161

to download the 2019 Youth Fair Business Exhibitor Application

Maps of Arnold Hall and The MarketPlace at Edwards Hall.