concessions application

concessions application

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(Please indicate the full legal name of the entity/person, whether it be an individual, corporation, partnership  or an individual d/b/a)

Type of Concession

Describe nature of business or product to be on sale at The Youth Fair and prices of items sold. Please be precise when listing individual items to be sold as only the exact product(s) listed on the contract will be allowed.

Are you representing a National Brand?

Food/Game/Service/Attraction/Outdoor Commercial Exhibit:

Trailer/Stand size not including awnings
Trailer/Stand size including awnings

Service Side(s)

Trailer Tongue Location

Is tongue removable?

Do you have a UL300 fire suppression system?

All Food/Game/Service/Attraction will be charged a percentage of their daily gross.

Other Expenses
  • Performance Bond (food & service stands only), returned on the last day of the Fair.$300
  • Performance Bond (game & attractionss only) , returned on the last day of the Fair. $2,000
  • Camping for the duration of Fair, includes electric and sewage $19/Foot
  • Insurance (approximate) fees per location. The conditions and terms to be determined at time of contract $135
  • Sewage hookup fee determined by the size of the stand $45 to $170
Please state your electrical needs (Electrical fees range from $130.00 for 30 amps/single phase and upwards based on service required.)

Fair Associations & Organizations You Belong To

Needed in case we have a cancellation and can place you just before the Fair opens


A photo of your stand/exhibit booth must accompany this application. If not a brochure or catalog with a detailed description should be included.

Please email pictures to:

Please include your: Name and Contact info when sending pictures

This application is a "Request for Space " and NOT a contract or an offer by The Fair to enter into a contract.

Your application will not be considered without photo(s) of your stand/exhibit/product/equipment.