school field trips

school field trips

School field trips

  • Showcasing Youth Achievement is what each teacher and student will see when they visit the Youth Fair on a field trip. There are 5 field trip days each year and they are allocated by regions and grades. Organized school field trips began with the purpose of providing an opportunity to the students of Miami-Dade County to come to the Youth Fair. Many students would not have the ability to visit the Youth Fair if it were not for the free admission during field trip days.


    • Friday, March 18: Elementary Grades 3 - 5 (All Regions)
    • Wednesday, March 30: Middle School Grades 6-8 (Central Region)
    • Thursday, March 31: Middle School Grades 6-8 (North and South Regions)
    • Friday, April 1: Exceptional Students (All Regions)
    • Wednesday, April 6: Pre-school, Kindergarten and Grades 1-2 (All Regions)

Field Trip Tickets

  • Free

    Admission to students is FREE on designated school field trip days and times.

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    Price is only valid for school field trips.

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Field Trip Tickets

  • Howdy is the wonderful, freckled face goodwill ambassador for agriculture at The Youth Fair. With the assistance of students from the Miami-Dade County agriculture programs and the cooperation of our agriculture community, he has developed an educational program that helps the local community gain a better appreciation and understanding of those who produce, distribute and inform us of a basic need, food and the environment.

    Each year, 750 second and third graders attend a “Howdy Tour” where Howdy provides students with an immersive introduction to agriculture. During these tours, they learn about the wonderful world of plants and animals. Students receive a first, gentle glimpse of hamburger or pork chops on the hoof and learn where milk comes from.

    2022 Howdy Tours
    Tuesday, April 5