New Foods

Grille Latin Bowl image
Grille Latin Bowl

Stop by Fair Expo Grille inside Arnold Hall to build and enjoy the savory Grille Latin Bowl.
Fair Expo Grille - Arnold Hall

Conch Po'Boy image
Conch Po'Boy

Deep fried conch coated with a tangy aioli sauce, packed into a warm hoagie roll and topped with sliced jalapenos and ketchup drizzle.
Location 8505L

Samoa Caramel Apple image
Samoa Caramel Apple

Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel, rolled in toasted coconut and drizzled in chocolate.
Red’s Red Apples - Locations 575 & 230

After School Burger image
After School Burger

Fresh burger with strawberry jam, peanut butter, bacon and grilled onions.
Burger Bob’s - Location 395

BBQ Nachos image
BBQ Nachos

Nachos topped with smoked pork shoulder.
Tacos, Quesadilla’s, Burritos, Nachos - Location 214

Jalapeño Brisket Popper image
Jalapeño Brisket Popper

Jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and brisket, wrapped in bacon, rolled in brown sugar and then smoked.
Dickson Smokehouse - Location 432

Seafood Salad image
Seafood Salad

Salad made with baby shrimp, nuts, greens and more served with pita points.
Atlantic Concessions - Location 337

S'mores Crepe image
S'mores Crepe

Crepe filled with chocolate graham cake, Hershey chocolate, marshmallows and topped with Hershey melted chocolate and brulee’d marshmallows.
Tacos and Crepes - Location 737

Lemon Poppyseed Funnel Cake image
Lemon Poppyseed Funnel Cake

Lemon juice and poppyseeds added to our traditional batter, fried golden, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, then a lemon glaze and more poppyseeds transform this cake to a zesty delight.
The Best Around - Location 246

Flaming Hot Cheeto Corn Dog image
Flaming Hot Cheeto Corn Dog

Corn dog with Monterey Jack cheese rolled in Cheetos.
Miller and Company Concessions - Location 9000L

Deep Fried Tacos image
Deep Fried Tacos

Beer battered soft shell taco with all ingredients inside.
Deep Fried Taco’s - Location 155

Pickle Pizza image
Pickle Pizza

Hand-tossed pizza tossed with homemade specialty dill sauce, fresh mozzarella, thick crunchy dill pickles and finished with a dill weed seasoning.
Rick’s Pizza - Location 540

Cheese Curd image
Cheese Curd

Proudly Serving All Natural White Cheddar Cheese Curds That Are Freshly Battered And Fried For Your Taste Buds. Our Cheese Curds Come From The Cheese Curd Capital Of Wisconsin Who Only Use Milk From Family Farms In Wisconsin And Minnesota. Enjoy the Squeaky Freshness!
Solem Concessions - Location 239