Stop by the guest relations booth to pick up a New Food Tour Guide or download The Youth Fair app to discover this year’s new foods. For the first time, Fairgoers will be able to vote for their favorite new food item and crown the Fairgoer’s Choice for Favorite New Food.

Guests can scan the QR code on the pamphlet or participating vendor booth, visit the New Food section on the app, or visit to cast their vote. Guests will only have one vote and will only be able to submit their vote while on the fairgrounds. Voting for the Fairgoer’s Choice for Favorite New Food will take place from March 17 through April 6.

Deep Fried Cheese Flan Bites image
Deep Fried Cheese Flan Bites

The cheese flan is cut into bite-sized pieces, dipped in funnel cake batter, fried golden brown, dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with dulce de leche icing!
The Best Around - Location 246, southeast side of the Mall

Giant Mozarella on a Stick image
Giant Mozarella on a Stick

Giant 1/4 pound mozarella stick breaded with Italian seasonings served with marinara or Ranch sauce!
Angela's International - Location 405

Churro Smores image
Churro Smores

Marshmallow treat sandwiched between two churro spirals, glazed with your favorite Dulce de leche or chocolate topping.
Churro Mania - Location 234

Shrimp Tacos image
Shrimp Tacos

Fried Shrimp in a flour tortilla with cilantro lime slaw, spicy mayo and avocado cream drizzle.
Seafood/Fish - Location 337

Banana Peanut Pop Shake image
Banana Peanut Pop Shake

Chocolate ice cream, Banana, peanut butter, dollop of ice cream with peanuts and 1/2 frozen chocolate banana for garnish. Has been featured on Carnival Eats.
Eatery Huts - Locations 365 and 480

Chili Cheese Corndog w/ FREE 2022 Souvenir Cup image
Chili Cheese Corndog w/ FREE 2022 Souvenir Cup

A classic fair food with a twist! This corn dog is topped with delicious chilli and melted cheese, giving you a new way to enjoy this fair favorite. BONUS: Get a FREE 2022 Souvenir Cup when you try this new food at Fair Expo Grille (drink not included).
Fair Expo Grille - Arnold Hall

Loaded Fried Pickle Nachos image
Loaded Fried Pickle Nachos

Loaded nachos with fried pickle chips
Chester's Gators and Taters - Location 414

Gator Mac n Cheese image
Gator Mac n Cheese

Creamy mac & cheese with fried gator bites
Chester's Gators and Taters - Location 8040L

Fruit Waffle image
Fruit Waffle

Waffle topped with Strawberries, bananas, peaches and Nutella.
Tacos & Crepes - Location 992

Brazilian Hot Dog image
Brazilian Hot Dog

Hot dog with grilled onions & peppers, homemade tomato sauce and topped with potato sticks.
Burger Bob's - Location 395